Happy Wishes & Good Fortune: Celebrating CLC’s NaNoWriMo Launch #13

Here we are… it’s November 1st, which means that National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short, starts today.  It also means that today kicks off my lucky 13th year of blogging!  If you know Coffee Lunch Coffee, you know that, while I blog about once a week throughout the year, during the month of November, in celebration of the way I got my start, I will produce a blog each day.  In honor of this auspicious Year 13, I am leaning into fortunes from fortune cookies that I have collected over the past year to inspire each post.  Wish me luck!

To get the month started, I want to talk about luck.  I’ve said it before – I’ll say it again – we make our own luck.   In the grand tapestry of life, many factors influence our journey – from upbringing and education to opportunities that come our way. But there’s something more at play, something that successful people understand well: the art of making your own luck. As I contemplate this, I’m reminded of how our actions and mindset can be a powerful force in shaping our destiny.

First and foremost, setting goals and taking initiative is key. Good fortune tends to favor those who are proactive. When you actively seek opportunities, you’re more likely to stumble upon them. Whether it’s networking, attending events, or taking calculated risks in your career, your actions increase the chances of serendipitous encounters.

Furthermore, cultivating a growth mindset is essential. Luck is often about recognizing opportunities when they present themselves. A growth mindset allows you to see setbacks as learning experiences and keeps you open to new possibilities. Our outlook on life can affect how we perceive opportunities.

And, of course, building a strong network is another way to bring happiness into your life. The more diverse your network, the greater your chances of stumbling upon the right people or resources. For me, the networking interactions that I have had over the years have led to countless fortuitous connections and collaborations.  They’ve helped me to, indeed, achieve immeasurable happiness and success.

So, while luck may seem arbitrary, we can actively shape it with our actions, mindset, and network. Good fortune is something we can craft through intention and perseverance. Never underestimate the power you have to make your own luck. Embrace it, and watch your journey unfold in ways you never imagined.

Happy November!  Happy Networking!

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