Tribute to Cinco: A Model of Unconditional Love

Hey, let’s not forget I’m a self-declared Master Networker who is energized by people.  Being with others gives me a rush and feeds my natural curiosity to engage with and learn from those around me.  But, sometimes, what really fills my cup is cuddling up with my sweet 7-lb. Yorkie, Cinco.

In 2008, my son, Ian, was on a walk with his aunt and uncle.  Along the way, they found – and brought home – a box turtle.  Ian was immediately smitten with the turtle who he named, Indiana Jones V (that was before there was a fifth).  As sweet as Indy was, we were ill-equipped to care for his needs.  After a few days, we explained to Ian that it was time to return the turtle to Nature.  He was crushed. 

I guess it was Ian’s tears or perhaps the phase of the moon that swayed our actions, but the next thing I knew, we were replacing our “pet turtle” with a newborn Yorkshire Terrier who we aptly named, Cinco… a) because he was to be Ian’s 5th birthday gift, b) because he was born in the month of May, c) because we wanted to honor ole Indiana Jones V in some way, and d) because we were worried that, left to his own devices, Ian might name his puppy Indiana Jones VI!

Here’s the deal, we aren’t great pet owners. We are active people. We’re not home much. We spend a lot of time at school and work.  We travel a lot.  And, yet, Cinco’s love has never wavered.  A master licker, his approach to expressing affection and joy is barking, sniffing, and licking whoever is in his presence.  As a recent fortune stated, “For a model of unconditional love, look to a dog.”  That’s Cinco to be sure.

For 15½ years, Cinco unconditionally loved us, brought us happiness, and made us feel special.  When, just days ago, we shared the news with Ian – who is away at school – that it was time to say goodbye to our sweet lovie dog, he – and we – burst into tears.  When he finally caught his breath, Ian – ever the wise one in the house – said, “I know it’s time.  I also know that Cinco is not a human; he is a dog.  My tears are really just an expression of gratitude because he’s been the best friend.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Farewell, sweet Cinco.  Thank you for being a model of unconditional love in our lives.  You taught us so much and will be loved right back forever.  Hope you are making a lot of friends – and barking and sniffing and licking – all across the Rainbow Bridge with other models of unconditional love.  Happy Networking!

P.S. – It’s November 5th and, though definitely NOT a dog, another model of unconditional love in our lives is my daddy, Max, who turns 76 today!   Happy, Happy Birthday!  Your grand-dog Cinco loved you so much.

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  1. I know how much Cinco was loved. Ian talked about him nonstop on our trip to Europe. I don’t know any of the other travelers in our groups dogs names… But Cinco stands out for me too! I think I only met him a few times but happy and loving and great dog kisses for sure! Beautiful tribute my friend! ❤️

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