Finding Your People

Forget what “everyone” says – the secret to finding clients lies in authentic relationships.

For years, author and workshop leader, Dr. Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg has witnessed the magic of unexpected connections. Her clients include a former student, a long-ago doctor, and a parent from her kids’ band days. The common thread? Authenticity and relationships nurtured over time.

While traditional marketing strategies like social media and presentations have a place, the real game-changer is word-of-mouth. By embodying our work as a “calling” and practicing marketing with values and ethics, we attract those who truly benefit.

Imagine marketing not as manipulation, but as sharing gifts and opportunities. This reframing transforms “selling” into a heartfelt service. Similarly, genuine conversations and networking rooted in connection become “spiritual” practices, pushing us to evolve and share our best selves.

So, how do we find those meaningful connections? Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach.

Introvert? Skip loud events and opt for more intimate one-on-one coffee dates.

Want to create a workshop? Brainstorm with friends before reaching out to larger audiences.

Social media-averse? Send handwritten cards – a personal touch that makes a mark.

The key is to identify outreach methods that spark joy and connect you with people who resonate with you and your work. Whether thinking about marketing or networking, if we start from a place of authenticity and value, we not only find clients, but build meaningful relationships that fuel our work and the work of others.

Remember, marketing and networking are extensions of your calling, not burdens. Reclaim them, reframe them, and watch your work flourish through genuine connections.

Happy Networking!

Appreciation goes to Dr. Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg and Kathryn Lorenzen, founders of Your Right Livelihood, for this insightful piece.  Check out their work and consider joining one of their upcoming online cohorts where you can explore ways to make your work – whether for your livelihood, art-based, and/or service-related – sustainable and satisfying.

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