Great Energy

I have the privilege to host a twice-monthly podcast on behalf of Enterprise Bank & Trust called, “”  I absolutely love it!  First of all, I have the most amazing producer, Gabrielle Costales, who selects and preps the guests, schedules our recording sessions, edits the content, and releases the finished episodes into the world.  For my part, I show up, meet interesting people, and get to engage in conversation.  What I can tell you is that what separates good interviews from great interviews is the ENERGY that emanates from my guests.

Have you ever noticed that some people just seem to have a way of attracting others and making everyone feel good? No matter what they look like, what they do for a living, what their background is, they simply possess a certain energy that draws people in. 

What is it about these people that makes them so magnetic?  What is it about their energy that attracts others and make everyone around them feel so good?

  1. They are positive and enthusiastic.  People with great energy are typically upbeat. They have a zest for life and are always looking for the best in people and situations. This positive energy is contagious and makes others feel good to be around them.  And, they smile a lot!

  2. They are present and engaged.  When you’re around someone with great energy, you feel like they’re really seeing you and hearing you. They’re not distracted by their phone or other people, they’re fully present and engaged in the conversation. This makes you feel valued and important.

  3. They are genuine and authentic.  People with great energy are really real. They’re not trying to be someone they’re not, and they’re comfortable in their own skin. This authenticity is refreshing and makes people feel like they can be themselves around them.

  4. They are empathetic and compassionate.  People with great energy are kind. They can put themselves in other people’s shoes and understand their feelings. This makes them supportive and understanding family members, friends, partners, and colleagues.

  5. They are grateful and appreciative.  People with great energy are thankful for the good things in their lives. They don’t take things for granted and they’re always looking for ways to give back to others. This positive attitude is infectious and makes others feel good to be around them.

If you want to attract more people into your life and make others feel good, focus on amping up your own energy. When you’re feeling good about yourself and your life, it shows. People are drawn to positive energy, so make sure to cultivate it in your own life.

Happy Networking!

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