The Omnipresent Networker: How Being Everywhere Advances Your Business

In the bustling world of business, visibility is currency. Just ask Mike Sherry, the mastermind behind OnPoint Communications. Mike’s strategy? Be everywhere. And it’s paying dividends.

Mike’s company specializes in helping nonprofits amplify their fund development and marketing efforts through compelling storytelling. Recently, while chatting with a new client, Mike expressed gratitude for being considered for the job. The client’s response? “Mike, it’s impossible not to think of you. You are everywhere.”

This simple exchange illuminates a powerful truth in networking: consistency and omnipresence can lead to remarkable opportunities. Mike’s approach is straightforward yet effective – he makes it his mission to attend as many gatherings as possible where potential clients might be present. This constant visibility ensures that when a need arises, Mike’s name is at the forefront of people’s minds.

The beauty of this strategy lies in its simplicity and effectiveness. By consistently showing up and engaging with his target audience, Mike has created a personal brand that’s synonymous with nonprofit storytelling. He’s not just a service provider; he’s become a fixture in the community he serves.

This approach to networking goes beyond mere attendance. It’s about creating meaningful connections, understanding the needs of your potential clients, and positioning yourself as the go-to solution. It’s about being present, attentive, and valuable in every interaction.

Ready to become the Mike Sherry of your industry? Here are three tips to implement this powerful networking strategy:

  1. Identify Your Hotspots.  Research and list events, conferences, and gatherings where your potential clients are likely to be. Make attending these a priority in your schedule.
  2. Quality Over Quantity.  Don’t just show up; engage meaningfully. Listen actively, offer insights, and focus on building genuine relationships rather than just handing out business cards.
  3. Follow Up Consistently.  After each event, reach out to the connections you’ve made. Share relevant information, offer assistance, or simply check in. Keep the conversation going beyond the initial meeting.

This approach has paid off for Mike and his company.  Bet it will pay off for you, too.

Happy Networking!

2 thoughts to “The Omnipresent Networker: How Being Everywhere Advances Your Business”

  1. Do good, and get caught. I often say this is my five-word definition of Brand-Building. But for Mike, it’s “be in the right places — all of the time — and get caught.” Well-done, Mike…keep up the great work. And well-done, Alana, for putting a spotlight where it belongs. Onward.

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