Go In Ready to Add Value

Whichever side of the table you are sitting on, I implore you:  Be a networker.  The bi-directional nature of networking is a beautiful thing.  Did you request the meeting?  Was the meeting requested of you?  Doesn’t matter.  Go in ready to add value.

Here’s the deal… sometimes, we have a tendency to take a meeting to assuage our guilt.  We do it because we promised a friend or acquaintance that we would.  This happens and we walk in with the wrong attitude.  I suggest that you, right now, reset your mind – reset your attitude.  Again, every time, go in ready to add value.  A few examples:

  • Need a job?  Have a job?  Share the information.
  • Need a friend?  Have a friend?  Share the contact.
  • Need information?  Have information?  Share it.

That’s all.  It’s simple.  Seize every networking moment.  In so doing, you will be enriched personally and professionally.  You will become known as well networked.  Others will look to you with respect and admiration.

We don’t always know, going in, what purpose a meeting will serve.  We may not know immediately… it could take moments, hours, days, months, years.  That said, I guarantee that there is no bad meeting.  See yesterday’s post.

Tomorrow, I will share ideas for practicing your networking prowess around the Thanksgiving table.

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