I Need Your Help!

For anyone keeping track, this post marks the 94th in the Coffee Lunch Coffee blog series and Thursday, November 1, 2012 is its first anniversary.  Wow!  A lot has happened in a year – including the addition of Coffee Lunch Coffee the book!


In celebration of Coffee Lunch Coffee and our networking community, I am committed to once again publish every day during the month of November (National Novel Writing Month).


With that, I NEED YOUR HELP!!!  Though I have several topics in mind and may even reprise a few that we have covered before, I could use your suggestions, stories, ideas and related input.  What topics would you like to see discussed?  Do you have a great (or maybe a not-so-great) networking account to share?  Please, please let me know!


As ever, thank you… not only for your help with this little initiative, but also for your overall support of everything CLC.  I’m so proud to be part of this community!  Cheers!

3 thoughts to “I Need Your Help!”

  1. One year is an amazing milestone. Just think what will happen over this next year. 🙂

    I would like to know about networking at live events. What are the best practices to build great relationships?

  2. You have done a great job with networking, so I have a topic suggestion (since you asked). How about some discussion about mentoring – becoming a mentor, asking someone to become your mentor, etc. I can’t recall if you have actually written on this topic or not – if you have, my apologies.


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