Snow Day

“It’s too cold to look for a job.”  That was the line I heard stated by the person being interviewed by the NPR journalist a few weeks ago.  True, we are currently in the throes of “snowmageddon” or “the polar vortex” or whatever you want to call this season’s freezing cold temperatures.  And, hey, I’m the first to admit, cold weather is not – definitely not – my thing. However, a chill traveled up my spine and I gave way to an involuntary shiver when I heard what I deemed an excuse for someone not getting out there and connecting with others.  Too cold to look for a job?  I think not. Whether it is a job you’re seeking, a sales lead you are pursuing, a simple human relationship you are trying to establish, the weather is a poor reason to avoid opportunities to connect to others. Today, for example, I write to you from my “home office” where I’m hanging out with my best buddy – my 10-year old son, Ian.  We’re expecting a serious blizzard, schools are closed and we’re holed up in the house (though, I must tell you, few snowflakes have touched down, as yet).  That said, the Networking continues!  In addition to curling up by the fire, here are 10 tips for snowy day Networking… when it is “just too cold to look for a job.”  In no particular order:

  1. Write a handwritten Thank You note.  Whether out of the blue or as a follow up to a recent meeting, send a letter of gratitude thanking your contact for his/her sage wisdom, for taking time to visit with you, for simply being your friend.
  2. Make a list of five people you already know with whom you’d like to reconnect.
  3. Make a list of five people you don’t yet know with whom you’d like to connect.
  4. Establish a LinkedIn connection.  Be sure to tell your contact how you know one another.
  5. Send an email invitation for Coffee on a day that is less snowy.
  6. Have a phone or Skype call with someone with whom you’ve been trying to connect.  You can enjoy a virtual cup of coffee, tea or cocoa together.
  7. Check out or or this week’s Business Journal to learn about networking events coming up in your area.  Plus there are many other local sources of information like a business newspaper, magazine or Chamber of Commerce you can dig into for the same purpose.  You might even find an article about a contact that you should consider clipping, jotting down a few words and sending to them with your congratulations.
  8. Send the link to a good article to one of your connections via email – think of the value you will add to his/her day, to his/her life!
  9. Reach out to a current or potential mentee to see how you can be of help to him/her.  A quick phone call or email will do.
  10. Offer a LinkedIn recommendation to someone who deserves the recognition.

That’s what I’m going to do.  Won’t you join me?  Stay safe.  Stay warm.  Stay Connected.  Network!

2 thoughts to “Snow Day”

  1. So timely! My husband and I were just talking about this just as he was leaving for the office this morning! He is in the financial planning business and everyday is all about building relationships. He said, snow or no snow, I need to get out there and create opportunities.”

    Great post Alana!!

  2. I love the suggestions for LinkedIn. I’m taking time to update my LinkedIn profile and create a personal URL to put on my email signature. A good activity for a snow day.

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