M is for Master Networker

I have the greatest job title in the world!  I am known as a “Master Networker.”  If you think it sounds arrogant or simply fancy, you might be right.  And, I have good news for you.  If you would like to have the title for yourself, I hereby bestow it upon you.  Congratulations!  You, too, are a Master Networker!

So, you ask, what are the attributes of a Master Networker?  It’s simple.

  1. Attitude.  Master Networkers have a great attitude.  They decide they possess expertise in this area and, as a result, they do.  They never say things like, “I just don’t have time for networking,” or “Networking is such a waste of time.”  No, instead they are enthusiastic about connecting with others and recognize the inherent benefits of getting to know people in the community and in their industry.
  2. Character.  Master Networkers give some thought to the types of people they like to surround themselves with.  Happy, confident, upbeat, optimistic, can-do, fun, funny, curious, intelligent… those are the sort of characteristics they value.  Once they know what attributes they admire, Master Networkers seek to model them.  They are not trying to be anybody who they are not; rather, they are opting to be the very best versions of themselves.
  3. Smile.  Master Networkers welcome others into their relationship bases.  They have a disposition that encourages interaction.  And, the way that they communicate that openness and interest in connecting is a simple, unspoken gesture.  They simply flash their gorgeous smiles at others in an authentic way.  It is a friendly action that says, “Hey, let’s connect!”

Are you a Master Networker?  Decide you are and… you are!

Happy Networking!

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