N is for New Relationships

There is something very special about old relationships – those connections we hold dear as they have withstood the test of time.  Our old friends know us best, share our histories, know our traits.  We can rely on them to call us out, to prop us up, to keep us grounded.

That said, there is something very special about new relationships, too.

New relationships are exciting!  They allow us to expand the proverbial pie of our networks, to learn new things, to get to know people who don’t have the buzz on us – good, bad or otherwise.  They are fresh and pure and just plain fun.

Have you been wanting to connect with someone who you’ve heard about in the community, but have not yet met?  Consider reaching out.  Recently, a woman who’s name I have heard dozens of times was at a breakfast event that I attended.  She saw my nametag from across the table and came racing over.  She said to me, “Everybody thinks that we already know each other.  Nobody can believe that we don’t!  I am so glad to finally meet you.”  I felt the exact same way.  And, wow, it was so great to connect with her!

Is there an organization that has piqued your interest?  Perhaps a community organization or a retailer that you’d like to explore or a potential client or a future employer?  One way that I try to learn about companies that I don’t know is via LinkedIn.  I search the company name to find out if I know or know someone who knows someone who works there.  Once I find a way in, I like to get together for an introductory visit.  You should give it a try.

Not sure who you should seek to meet?  Ask the next person you have coffee with who else they think you should get to know in a networking capacity.  Have them make a warm introduction.  Maybe the three of you can get together for a visit.

I bet some of the new relationships you make today will turn into future old relationships that you will always hold dear.

Happy Networking!

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