S is for Safety

Yesterday, we learned that in the ABCs of Networking, R is for Risk.  Well, let’s reverse that equation as I’d like to suggest that networking actually creates a safe harbor.  How?

Well, there is strength and safety in numbers. 

Find yourself at a networking reception?  Wow!  Look at all those people.  Go find the person or two who you’d like to visit with.  You have options!  And, you know so many of the attendees that they will be looking for you, too.

Find yourself on the job market?  Wow!  Look at your relationship base.  So many connections to call on for their wisdom and insight as you pursue your next opportunities.

Find yourself the bearer of a “plus one” invitation to a business luncheon?  Wow!  Think of all the people you could invite.  Your challenge is going to be narrowing it down to just one.

By creating and cultivating a broad, diverse network of people with whom you have established authentic connections, you will never be alone.  Networking has ensured that for you.  The more people you know… the more people you know… the more people have your back… the more people you have relying on you.  You are forming an interlocking chain with a large group of others who are rooting for you to succeed because you have shown them the same courtesy by being there for them.

Stay safe.  Build relationships.  Happy Networking!

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