Get Inspired

A friend recently lamented that she was feeling uninspired.  She said she was bored at work, didn’t have any plans or projects to look forward to in her personal or professional life, and, frankly, the weather was getting her down.  Harrumph!

As gently as possible, I suggested it was time to get inspired.  Understanding that the only way to emerge from her doldrums was to take action herself, we brainstormed on a few ideas to help change her point of view.  Here are a few of my favorites – see what you think:

  1. A change of place.  As a result of the pandemic, my friend started – like many of us – working from home.  And, as it happens, she never really stopped.  Her place of employment gives its staff the option to work at the office or virtually.  Having primarily selected the remote option, despite the convenience factor and a high level of productivity, working from home has left her feeling isolated and alone.  Time to get out of the house!  The office is certainly an option – but so is a park, a coffee shop, the lobby of a beautiful hotel, etc.  Essentially, moving to a fresh environment can spark energy and certainly inspiration. 

  2. Try something new.  Seek an experience you’ve never had before.  For example, visit a museum or gallery, attend a musical, play some pickleball, pick up a cool LEGO set, go rowing, learn to code…  The possibilities are infinite, and money doesn’t have to be a factor if your community offers free concert nights or similar get togethers.  You’ll leave humming a tune, tapping your toes, and feeling inspired!

  3. Break bread.  Of course, from a relationship perspective, there is nothing better than enjoying a meal with others. Your dining partner could be friends and family, a business contact, a work colleague, a mentor, or a new connection who you have heard of, but don’t know well and would like to learn from.  Remember, you have to eat!  Might as well do so with someone who may deliver an idea that inspires.

So… don’t get stuck.  Get inspired!  Motivation doesn’t come to you; it comes from within you.  Figure out what it is that gets you up and out of bed each morning.  Determine from where it is that you take your inspiration. 

Happy Networking!

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