Invest in Relationships

Do you have anyone in your life who you only ever hear from when they need something from you?  Do you cringe when you see the phone ring and their name shows up on caller ID?  When they email or text, do you open the message?  Do you respond?  Are you the person in question for others?

Believe me, I’m no fool!  I understand that in life we must get help from others.  Interactions are not always altruistic in nature.  It could be we need a bit of advice, a referral, some information, data, money, an action… anything.  Sometimes we need something from someone else.  Sometimes there is a transaction involved.

My advice for getting others to deliver on your requests:  Invest in relationships before you need them. 

This is more than paying it forward.  It is about engaging in authentic, meaningful interactions with others – getting to know them, understanding what is important to them, knowing what it is you can do to be helpful to them.

What I find is that when the strength of a relationship is solid, magic happens!  Even if you don’t regularly see a person, if your interaction with them the last time was authentic, it will be the next time you see them, too.  The more genuine the tie, the more willing they are to be of service.  In fact, people love to help others.  It’s a true delight to assist someone with whom you feel a sense of mutual respect, trust, and connection.

So, invest in relationships now.  They will pay dividends for years to come. 

Happy Networking!

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