Of course, there are some who won’t help

Yesterday, I told you that everyone wants to help.  They do!  That was one of the great surprise-and-delight results of my early networking quest.  When I requested a meeting with a prospect, they invariably said, “Yes!”  That is, invariably except for the ones who said, “no.”

There were five of them.  I won’t share their names because that is just rude, but it is hard for me to forget them.  I have to admit, I was disappointed and it was hurtful to me when they said no or did not respond.  I wasn’t asking them for anything but a little consideration.  I recognize the extreme value of time and am personally committed to respecting theirs and not taking too much.  Bottomline:  It seemed to me that they did not value people. 

Given the import that I believe all professionals should put on networking and the fact that those five folks gave so little credence to me, I moved on!  I would rather spend my resources of time, money, referrals, etc. on businesses and efforts of people who value people.

So, in those rare moments when you get a “no” or no response at all, I suggest that you move on.  However, if the prospect is someone who you really want to meet, I suggest the following:

  • Find out from them what it would take to get a “yes.” 
  • Ask whether a phone call would be out of the question instead.
  • Go back to the person who made the suggestion or introduction to the prospect.  Ask if he or she will intervene on your behalf to re-request the meeting.
  • Attend an event where you know the prospect will be.  Approach them with a hello, a business card and a promise to follow up.

Whatever the case, don’t get discouraged.  Keep at it.  Be tenacious.  Be fearless.  Move on to the next.

Tomorrow, a reminder that everyone has an opinion….

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