A Thanksgiving Poem for Networkers

Connections, Community and Belonging!
That’s what Networking oughtta be.

CLC sounds about right;
Making Connections morning, noon and night.

“Friends helping Friends,”
As one Friend said.

Giving through generosity – a true and selfless act.
And in return, getting a whole lot more back.

This Thanksgiving and every day in between
The CLC Community means so much to me.

Grateful for your outreach, enthusiasm and support.
Encouraging you to establish a strong cohort!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Though I’m no poet, wishing you a holiday season bursting with Authentic and Meaningful Connections!


Oh, and P.S. – I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge… for the first time, and the last for the foreseeable future… “Happy Thanksgivukkah!”  From my home to yours, for those of you celebrating Chanukah, may your turkey be moist and your latkes greasy, spin a dreidel or two and enjoy this special time with your Menurkey!  

One thought to “A Thanksgiving Poem for Networkers”

  1. Alana…

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Mark and Ian from Pam and I. I just finished CLC and want to congratulate you on an excellent book. To me, it’s way more than networking…it’s a life leadership expression that is comprehensive, interesting and very much on the mark, at least as I have come to see it.

    I’m giving it to my daughter, Brooke, today as I think it will help her in her next chapter.

    I look forward to staying in touch !


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