Tips for Holiday Networking

WreathIt’s the holiday season!  One of my favorite times of year for really ramping up Networking efforts.  While others are slowing down, you can really make an impact by Connecting with others.  Below are my top five tips for honing your relationship base during the month of December:

  1. Set a Goal.  Be intentional in your efforts to get together with others.  For example, aim to Connect and Re-Connect with at least one new person each week during the month of December.  That’s about eight Networking interactions to look forward to – by engaging now, think of what it could mean for 2015 and beyond!
  2. Coffee-Lunch-Coffee-DRINKS.  Add one more time slot to your Networking schedule during the holiday season.  Your contacts might be willing to leave their offices around 4:30pm for a “glass of holiday cheer” between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day.
  3. Holiday Topics. A great way to engage others in conversation is to ask questions. During this season, ask questions like, “What’s your favorite holiday tradition?” or “What’s on your holiday wish list?”
  4. Group Activities.  This is a perfect season to gather a group together to celebrate the holidays.  Better yet, volunteer to work on a charitable project together – you’ll do some good for the community and put your professional talent to use with people who might not otherwise get to see you in action!
  5. There’s Always January.  If you reach out to someone who says they are too busy to get together during the holidays, that’s great! Get a jumpstart on next year’s Networking by scheduling a time to meet in January.

Want even more?  Here’s a great article, “Party Talk,” by Elizabeth Millard from Experience Life magazine – it’s a guide for successful chatting with anyone.  Another terrific piece, “Holiday Parties:  Have Fun – Be Careful,” comes from my buddy, Bob Lovely, on LinkedIn with great advice for making the most of holiday celebrations plus a few tips for what not to do while there!

Have any holiday Networking tips to toss into the ring?  Please share by leaving a comment beneath this blog on

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